Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Afternoon with Sekhmet: Sirius Weirdness and a Visit from Vega

I found myself, unexpectedly, with an afternoon free. On a random street in Manhattan, as I realized I had nothing to do, I looked up to discover this poster immediately in front of me:


 I can't read the writing on the poster, other than the suggestive "Dee Dee" at the bottom (which would surely mean "John Dee" for me) but the message to me was clear. Despite what the artist may have intended, I was staring at a modern day Sekhmet. I had been planning on visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a few weeks, since I have been thinking a lot about Sekhmet recently and they have some amazing statues of her which have often awed and even terrified me in the past. So, with an afternoon free and the guardian of Vega staring me in the face, I jaunted off to the museum. Here, then, is a prayer to Sekhmet in pictures, and perhaps a few words. All pictures are my own, forgive their quality.

The M.E.T. has six large statues of Sekhmet with four in one location and two in another. Each statue, which is not too worn or damaged by time, sports this symbol on the left and right sides:
The above pictures were from the two statues that stand rather forlorn in a gallery with walls covered in papyrus fragments. Before we move on to the four remaining, however, we should nod towards the Dog Star Sirius, along with our honoring of Vega and Sekhmet. Thus, hail to Anubis!

Always before the statues of Sekhmet had struck me with an almost holy fear. She can be a truly fearsome goddess. Today, however, they seemed sad. Almost lonely and mournful.

I was struck by the uniqueness of each of their expressions, a fact I had not previously registered. Each statue is indeed unique though they came from the same ancient site. 
But Sekhmet is not only present in these six amazing statues. She is on the side of temples:
And, as I was leaving the temple area I felt her call from a side room where a perfect small idol to her sat waiting. 
She even appeared side by side with Horus in a small stele which, unfortunately, it was almost impossible to capture well through the glass. 
Speaking of Horus. He, of course, must not be left out. 
"Unity uttermost showed! 
I adore the might of Thy breath,
Supreme and terrible God,
Who makest the gods and death
To tremble before Thee:-
I, I adore thee!" 
Liber Al vel Legis 3:37

Sirius, Vega
Sekhmet, Sothis!
Dog of Orion
And cat of Ma'at,
I call to your wisdom 
Your power and teaching.
Sirius, Vega
Sekhmet, Sothis!
Hunting Hound
And Stalking Lion,
I open the gate
To your power.
Sirius, Sothis
Vega, Sekhmet! 
Let there be peace
Between you.
Let there be peace
Between us. 
Sirius, Vega
Sothis, Sekhmet!
Come forth in power!
Come forth and Speak! 

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