Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to Enter the Tunnels of Set

The Dog Days are upon us (depending on how you choose to time them) which has frequently corresponded with some of my most intense and often unusual occult experiments and experiences. Several years ago I began a complete path-working of the Qlippoth and Tunnels of Set starting during the Dog Days and stretching across a year to end at the completion of the next Dog Day period. Over the past few days a friend and occult colleague of mine began a new exploration of the Tunnels so I thought it might be useful to share some further details and concrete examples of the methods I used in my own work.
Painting by A.O. Spare

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Paganism and Politics Trilogy
 I have just published a new piece over at Gods and Radicals entitled "Nature's Rights". In it I attempt to craft a pagan view of natural rights and address several deep problems and failings that the history of rights theory has faced and, mostly, failed to solve. I've now published three pieces with them on, generally, the implications of pagan metaphysics for politics and one book review (another is on its way soon and I am very excited for it).

What I realize in retrospect, though it wasn't planned, is that my first three pieces form a sort of natural trilogy.