Sunday, September 1, 2013

Qliphothic Thoughts of Others

Frater Barrabbas offered some interesting thoughts on the Qliphoth as well a few years ago. These can be found here.

Practical Thoughts about the Tunnels of Set: The Method of Qliphothic Inversion

Working with the Qliphoth can be difficult for a practical minded magician. The challenge is that the Nightside of the Tree of Life generally represents the negative side of reality, not dark or evil elements in any positive sense but rather the realms of non-being. As such their main positive manifestation in our daily world is in terms of a dissolution, disruption and destruction that resists all control and channeling. They don’t represent, then, a positive power of destruction that can be used or channeled. Any such use or channeling is as likely to destroy the will and work of the magician as the intended target. While walking the Tunnels of Set offers a treasure of mystical insight their practical promise is exceptionally difficult to work out. It is a bit like trying to use an acid that immediately devours any container we might temporarily use to hold it or any path we might attempt to guide it down in order to achieve some end. The energy entailed precisely resists any form the magician might give it. The tunnel of Raflifu and its connection with the Nightside Qliphoth corresponding to Yesod offer, I feel, a break in this difficulty and I would like to say something of how this is so.