Friday, March 21, 2014

An Ostara Tale

When the earth was still young and stars like fireflies darted aimlessly through the heavens racing at impossible speeds for unborn destinies, The Mother realized that all her children were doomed to die.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Warlock and Truth-Breaking

Manray, "Leave me Alone"
There is a wonderful blog post over at Summer Thunder on the pros and cons of using the word "Warlock" to describe a male occult practitioner. I encourage you to check it out. The heart of the conversation revolves around two issues. First, that Warlock is a gendered term (a point the blog discusses brilliantly, but which I have little to say about here) and second that although it was originally a negative term it is worth reclaiming. The most likely original meaning of the term Warlock was "oath breaker". As the blog at Summer Thunder states its perspective: 

"I like the term “Warlock”. It retains a counter-cultural charge, an unassimilated, deviating quality, some semblance of mystery and outlawhood. And it is a male term, and that is a valuable relief from the femino-centrism of so much neopaganism and Wiccan derived Paganism. It is not a term which speaks of male sacrifice, usable chivalry, soldiery and war service or a reproductive donation of sex or semen. Oath breaking is a good thing, when your oaths are coerced and in service to an oppressor. So I have to ask, if this term is an insult, who is it an insult to? A free man, or a good slave?"

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Mystic, Magician and Theologian Talk to an Angel

A Mystic, Magician and Theologian meet an angel.

The Mystic asks to be one with God, the universe and everything. With truth. He goes away having become one with the angel.

The Magician demands to direct the power of God, the universe and everything. To create truth. She goes away having directed the power of the angel.

The Theologian asks to know God, the universe and everything. To know truth. He spends the next thirty years talking with the angel and learns nothing.

The obvious message here is don't go to a Magician, Mystic or Theologian for answers. The Magician can give you power, the Mystic experience. The Theologian will give you answers, but you better have thirty years to spare and low expectations.  But my intended topic is Enochian magic and the Theologian's Mistake.