Monday, February 24, 2014


My last post, concerning Astral Projection, was provoked by a question I received. I am looking for more questions or topics to address. If you have anything in mind send me an email or leave a comment, I would love to hear from you:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Astral Journey: Where the Mystic and Magician Meet

Despite my promise at the end of my last post to discuss the topic of Cosmic Weirdness in the context of Enochian Magic, I am putting that post off for a moment. Instead, I was asked for some advice on astral traveling and would like to share some thoughts here.

The world of the occult can be theorized as divided between the two great realms of Mysticism and Magic. Many people move between these realms, there are often very good trade relations across their borders, but they do not share the same aims or methods. I have found that most people, although they may practice both mysticism and magic, find one of the two terrains more in line with their talents and proclivities. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cosmic Weirdness: The Aliens of Rendlesham and Fort, Wilson and Kuhn

I was recently reading up on the odd occurrences that struck Royal Air Force Base Woodbridge in Rendlesham Forest England in 1980 while it was being used by the American military to house nuclear weapons. It's a pretty wild story, involving several different military men witnessing strange lights, sounds and U.F.O.s over a series of several days. The descriptions are dramatic, and the people involved are still committed to the reality of their experiences. It ultimately resulted in Rendlesham Forest being dubbed the Roswell of England. Sergeant Jim Penniston even claimed to have touched an odd glowing object he found in the forest after investigating strange lights outside the base. Touching it caused it to activate and shoot up into the sky at "impossible speed". During the experience he hastily jotted down symbols he saw on the object. Others witnessed massive space ships hovering over the base and beaming light into the weapons bunker (where, remember, nuclear arms were stored).  The approach of the ship was even noted by two men on the radar before it hovered for a time next to the flight tower in which they were sitting. Investigations revealed scorch marks on trees and in the earth where the object was witnessed in the forest, and geiger-counters noted elevated levels of radiation in the area and the impressions left in the earth.
Sergeant Jim Penniston's Notebook
For reasons this post should make clear, I am not particularly interested in fully addressing the reality of the experiences involved in the Rendlesham incident. Rather, I would like to address several characteristics of occurrences which might best be called cases of Cosmic Weirdness.