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Dog Days, Sirius and Vega

HRUMACHIS (Medium -Pen, blood.) (c) 2001 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

The Dog Days have always been a time of heavy occult work for me. It may be that I am partially inspired by Robert Anton Wilson in this, since he spent years receiving unusual occult teachings and experiences during the Dog Days. Check out a sampling of Wilson's writings on the Dog Days and the star Sirius, as well as texts he found useful on the subject, here. I have chosen these, the Dog Days of 2013, to begin this blog.

For those who don't know, the Dog Days of Summer are often the hottest days of summer from late July to the end of August. Officially they are the days when the Dog Star Sirius is lined up behind the sun and the ancients believed that the heat of the Dog Days derived from Sirius adding its power to that of the sun. For this reason Sirius was often called the "heart of the sun" or the "son of the sun". Wilson usually considered the Dog Days to last from July 23rd to August 23rd, and it was during this period that he received occult messages from entities which claimed to be connected to the star Sirius. The actual period of the Dog Days, considered the days when Sirius is hidden by the sun, can fluctuate dramatically in length.

Kenneth Grant has argued extensively that most occultism, but especially that of Aleister Crowley, dealt extensively with the energies of Sirius event to the extent of claiming that the title of the secret society, the A.'.A.'. or "Silver Star", refers to Sirius. See Grant quotations included in the link above.

Last year during the Dog Days I was sitting outside and suddenly was struck by the energy of a star dancing wildly above me in the sky. I knew it couldn't be Sirius, which was hidden at that point behind the sun, but I had usually only felt such a strong connection to Sirius or the stars of Orion's Belt previously. I looked up the star and discovered that it was the star Vega. Further research revealed that Vega and Sirius have a rather intimate connection.

Vega and Sirius, together, have been considered the gateways of the sun. Vega represents the apex of the Sun's path and Sirius its lowest point. Vega rises at twilight on May 1st, or Beltane, and culminates on the 12th of August, right in the middle of the Dog Days. So, while Sirius is channeling its power into the sun Vega rules the night.

Sirius is associated with Orion's Dog as well as Isis and Horus, amongst other things. Vega is associated with Ma'at and Ma'at's lion headed guardian Sehkmet.

It is reflections on the play of these two stars, Sirius and Vega, that led to the title of this blog. In time I may explain this in greater depth, but hopefully in a less pedantic way. Suffice it to say that, if we consider Sirius as the "Silver Star" of the A.'.A.'. and connected to the force of Horus and Vega as an opposite but related force, the force of Ma'at and Sehkmet, "Thus ye have star and star, system and system..." becomes rather suggestive.

After I began thinking along these lines I discovered The Book of Going back by Night, received by Orryelle Bascule, which explores the same lines of thought I had been contemplating. The image above was received by Orryelle Bascule along with The Book of Going back by Night and rrepresents Hrumachis, a union of Horus and Ma'at/Sehkmet. 

"When Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place."  
Liber Al vel Legis 3:34

"Harmachu, I
Son behind the Sun
Bast-ard son
Evanescent One

Strong and True,
I am the balance
The feather drinks from the Chalice
The shards of the Egg are the keys to the Palace"

 The Book of Going back by Night 
Versus 8 and 9
"Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! For your time is night at hand."
Liber Al vel Legis 3:71

 What then, if the twin warriors at the pillars of the world are, in fact, Sirius and Vega? What then, if the perspective derived from either Sirius/Horus or Vega/Ma'at is partial and incomplete? What then, if indeed there is always more than One Star in Sight, but rather star and star, system and system? 

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